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The Logo Design

Logo design is vital because it visually represents an organization. Every communication needs a logo as part of a complex identification system. In graphic design, creating logos and integrating them into a visual identity system is challenging.

Six type of logo

A logo is a visual representation of your company. There are, however, six distinct types of logos.

Let's go detail

6 type of logos you need to know about
1. Wordmark
This type of font-based logo focuses on just one word. Canon, Sony. Wordmark logos work well for companies with short, distinct names. The Gillette logo is a good example. When combined with strong typography, the logo aids in brand recognition.
2. Lettermark
Lettermarks are logos made up of letters, typically brand initials. P&G, HP, IBM, BBC, VISA, and other companies. Is there a pattern here? They are the initials of a few well-known companies with lengthy names. With only a few words to remember, they've each resorted to using their initials for brand identification.
3. Combination mark
A combination mark is a logo that consists of a wordmark or lettermark combined with a pictorial mark, abstract mark, or mascot. To create a logo, the image and text can be displayed side by side, stacked on top of one another, or integrated. Allianz, Taco Bell, Sprint, Microsoft, Adobe, Rolex, and other well-known combination mark logos
4. Mascot
Logos that feature an illustrated character are known as mascot logos. The mascot logo is a great way to create a spokesperson for your brand because it can be bright, cartoonish, or any combination of the three. Pringles, Mr. Clean, and Wendy's are some of the most well-known mascots. Mascots are simply cartoon characters that represent your business.
5.Abstract / pictorial mark
A pictorial mark is a graphic-based logo or icon. The most important factor to consider when deciding on a pictorial mark is the image to use. A true brand mark is nothing more than an image. As a result, it can be a difficult logo type to use for new companies or those without a strong brand recognition.
6. Emblem
An emblem logo is a font enclosed within a symbol or icon; think badges, seals, and crests. These logos have a traditional appearance that can make a strong impression, making them a popular choice for many schools, organizations, and government agencies.

Creating a Brand Starts With a Logo

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